About Nathaniel Ndegwa

I am an aficionado of all matters digital communication and online marketing. As a fast learner, curious and fastidious , I enjoy creating magnetic and sticky content that communicates and still seamlessly achieves the preferred action. I always strive to achieve the best with available resources while being constantly on the look out for more innovative and enjoyable ways of getting things done.

Driven by curiosity and the desire to make things easier , I trace my motivation to an internal drive to enable efficiency and clarify communication.

I have built up experience and expertese in online marketing as well as business process automation and efficiency. To this end, I have been certified as a CIMP in internet marketing from EC Council  and as an Evernote Certified Consultant by Evernote.

Feel free to sign up for an evernote account here, and I will personally walk you through how to benefit from its efficiency.

You can lean more on how Evernote can benefit your organization here, and how you can benefit personally here.