Internet Marketing

It is no secret that the world we live in now is super connected, some would suggest that this is no good. But I would venture to suggest that there are ways , albeit simple, to make this disconnectedness work to your advantage.
I was having a discussion with a friend a few days ago, and he asked me how come if I did a google search, the next time I am online I see ads for exactly what I searched for?.
In the simple yet complicated world of internet marketing, any business looking to get a firm footing online requires expertise and experience to succeed.
I offer tailor made online marketing services, with guaranteed results. Digital Marketing Services in Kenya That Work
I love doing what I for my clients. My motto is You Dream, I Actualize, You Prosper. All my work is based on you achieving your goals in the shortest time.

Reputation Management

It only takes 5 minutes for a “blogger” to destroy the reputation you took years to build. I help you save your reputation in such eventualities.

Executive Coaching

I understand you may not need to know the technical aspects but the concepts are essential for strategic planning .

SEO Training

Train your team on the basics and advanced levels of SEO and online marketing. Hands on training that delivers results.

Digital Marketing Consulting

With over 5 years 5 digital marketing consulting experience, you are guaranteed to get the advise that your business needs to succeed online.

Content Marketing Solutions

Creating great content is only half of what I do. My content marketing solutions ensure your prospects get the right message.

Lead Generation

Create Online Campaigns that lead to sales and activation. My lead generation services in Kenya are unique and proprietary.

More about my Digital Marketing Services in Kenya

I provide the best internet marketing services in Kenya in collaboration with a team that has a cumulative of over 25 years of experience in internet marketing.

Automated CRM solutions

I offer unmatched digital business solutions consultation services in Kenya and provide businesses cutting edge business solutions that increase efficiency and convert prospective leads into clients.

Consumer & Retail

I build online platforms that automate and enable businesses in Kenya transact effectively and safely online and offer end to end solutions, from design to launch.

Content Strategy

I provide businesses with online content strategy for all platforms in Kenya. I develop custom content and train account holders on the best ways to implement.

Digital Marketing

No one understands digital marketing in Kenya like me. With expertise and experience in internet marketing I turn business from being an annoying and disruptive cold caller to irresistible brands.

Social Media Marketing

I believe that positioning businesses on social media is not any different from how humans connect and form friendships. Just having a presence is not enough, but connecting to clients and fans in a meaningful way is what really matters. I have and still run successful social media marketing campaigns in Kenya and other countries for my clients.


Search engine optimization in Kenya is one of my foremost strengths. I offer unmatched white hat SEO services with quick turn around times and sustainable results.

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  • Measurable results
  • Transparent operations
  • Monthly subscriptions
  • Super fast customer service.
  • Unmatched competence, experience and creativity.

My Development process

  • Brief and Research
  • Online Strategy Development
  • Support and Maintenance